What is biocontrol ? |


Biocontrol products are agents or products that use natural mechanisms. They form a set of tools that can be used, alone or in combination with other plant protection methods, to combat crop enemies in integrated pest management. There are four main types of biocontrol agents:

> Auxiliary macro-organisms (to fight aggressors): invertebrates, insects, mites or nematodes used in an integrated approach to protect crops from bio-aggressors.

> Phytopharmaceutical products, including:

  • Micro-organisms (to control aggressors): fungi, bacteria and viruses used to protect crops from pests and diseases, or boost plant vitality.
  • Chemical mediators: insect pheromones and kairomones. These can be used to track the flights of insect pests and control insect populations through mating disruption or trapping.
  • Natural substances: these substances obtained from plant, microbial, animal or mineral sources are found in the natural environment and used as biocontrol products.